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Tracelog files can be very useful to understand the root cause of specific issues and troubleshoot them, so SingleStore recommends to keep a copy of these files within or outside of your cluster. However, you may safely delete the tracelog files should disk space utilization become a concern. If you are deleting tracelog files, make sure to send a kill -SIGHUP to the memsqld process.


ps -ef|grep memsql
memsql 2462 1 0 Jan15 ? 00:00:01 /opt/singlestoredb-server-7.6.8-ad67e74046/memsqld_safe --defaults-file /opt/memsql/Lf1/memsql.cnf --user 1008 --auto-restart StagedEnable 
memsql 2474 2462 19 Jan15 ? 8-08:46:41 /opt/singlestoredb-server-7.6.8-ad67e74046/memsqld --defaults-file /opt/memsql/Lf1/memsql.cnf --user 1008
memsql 2624 2474 0 Jan15 ? 00:00:00 /opt/singlestoredb-server-7.6.8-ad67e74046/memsqld --defaults-file /opt/memsql/Lf1 memsql.cnf --user 1008
kill -SIGHUP 2474
kill -SIGHUP 2624

Last modified: March 8, 2024

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