Start SingleStore Studio

Now that SingleStore is running in Docker, open a browser to http://localhost:8080 to launch Studio. Click on the local cluster, enter a username of root, leave the password blank, and log in.

On this main dashboard screen, you can see the health of the cluster. Note that this is a two-node cluster. Clicking on Nodes on the left, you see one node is a leaf node, one is an aggregator node, and they’re both running in the same container. In production, you would want more machines running together to support production-level workloads and to provide high availability.

Click on the SQL Editor page. Copy and paste the following set of commands into the Query window. Then, highlight each individual command and click the Execute button in the top-right to run it. Continue to highlight and execute each command until all commands have been executed.

USE mytest;
message text NOT NULL
INSERT INTO test (message) VALUES ('this is a sample message');

For more details on Studio, check out the documentation.

Last modified: August 1, 2023

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