This view contains information about the status of REBALANCE commands such as REBALANCE ALL DATABASES and REBALANCE PARTITIONS.

Column Name



The name of the database the REBALANCE command is running on or within.


The action being performed: either COPY PARTITION or PROMOTE PARTITION.


The ID of the related partition.

The Ordinal is the target partition’s ordinal, and the Target_Host and Target_Port correspond to the destination leaf. Any two operations in the same Phase can be run in parallel and phases are run in order. For example, the aggregator can run COPY PARTITION on partitions test:1 and test:3 in parallel. The exact meaning of what each phase means is arbitrary and depends on the particular rebalance operation. The Estimated_Time_Remaining_Ms is the estimated total time (in milliseconds) that each low-level command will take to complete.


The target hostname or IP address of a REBALANCE command.


The target port number of a REBALANCE command.


The phase (group of actions occurring at the same time) that a given action is part of.


The status of the REBALANCE. A REBALANCE consists of multiple commands that are run in phases. Can be one of:

  • cancelled - the command was cancelled (can happen if a rebalance is terminated)

  • failed - the command failed to complete

  • running - the command is currently in process

  • scheduled - the command is scheduled to run

  • success - the command ran successfully

Querying rebalance status during an ongoing rebalance will show some combination of success, running, and scheduled rows where the phases that completed already will show 'success', the phase that is currently ongoing will show that they are 'running', and the phases that must come next will show that they are 'scheduled'.


The amount of time in milliseconds spent on a given action.


The estimated amount of time in milliseconds remaining for a given action.

Last modified: November 16, 2022

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