Disk Capacity Errors

ERROR: Available disk space is below the value of minimal_disk_space global variable (512 MB). This query cannot be executed.

Example error message:

mysql_exceptions.OperationalError: (1883, "Available disk space is below the value of 'minimal_disk_space' global variable (512 MB). This query cannot be executed.")


This error indicates that SingleStore is unable to create the plan that the query would run because there is not enough free space on the disk where the plancache is stored.


Check disk storage available and remove unnecessary files to free up disk space.

For example:

Check disk usage: df -h

Check inode (file descriptor) usage of each filesystem: df -i

Change to (cd into) the memsql_installs_dir directory and check the usage of each subdirectory with the du command:

du -h -d1

This command can take some time to complete, since it must sum the size of each subdirectory. Use it to identify those subdirectories that are using the most space, then cd into each subdirectory and run the command again. Repeat until you have found the set of subdirectories that are using the most disk space.

Delete any unnecessary files from these subdirectories if it safe to do so. For example, do not delete anything from the /data or /plancache subdirectories. However, you could remove old archived logs, backups, core files, or rotate overly large log files. Generally, you should keep about 1 week to 1 month of logging. For information on using the Linux logrotate utility, see: Trace Log.

If you are not able to clear enough disk space, it may be necessary to allocate a larger filesystem.

Once you have cleared some disk space, you can run new queries again.

Last modified: November 22, 2022

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