4. Are key resources being overused?

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The next step in troubleshooting your cluster is looking at key resources to see if they are being overused.

  1. For a quick sanity check, navigate to the Studio Dashboard to look at resource usage against their respective totals available by hovering over each.

  2. Check the Studio Hosts and/or Nodes pages to look at CPU and memory usage.

  3. Sort on CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Disk Usage. Are there resources being overused?

  4. If you see one or more resources approaching their limit (e.g., memory, disk, or CPU limits), consider the following:

    • Have you added a new workload to your cluster that is using more resources?

    • Have you loaded more data (on disk, or in memory)?

    • Have you increased concurrency?

    • Does your workload require more nodes to meet the scale?

    • Is there an expensive workload or query that is causing a spike and could be optimized?

Next Steps

  • If you identify one or more key resources being overused: return to Step 1, to identify whether there are specific queries causing this.

  • If the cause is not specific queries, or there are no resource usage issues: continue to Step 5.

Last modified: July 17, 2024

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