5. Are there other ongoing operational activities?

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The next step in troubleshooting your cluster is checking other ongoing operational activities that may be affecting your cluster performance.

  1. Navigate to the Active Queries page in Studio from the master aggregator, or query MV_PROCESSLIST

    SELECT * FROM information_schema.mv_processlist;
  2. Search (ctrl-F) in the Active Queries page, or look in the results of your query to MV_PROCESSLIST for any of the following: ALTER, CREATE, DROP, ADD|REMOVE LEAF/AGGREGATOR, BACKUP/RESTORE, REBALANCE, RESTORE REDUNDANCY.

  3. For either the Active Queries page, or MV_PROCESSLIST, check the status column to see if any of these activities are long running, or waiting on other operations.

    • If an operation is waiting on metadata lock, the query is likely waiting on a cluster wide operation such as a backup.

Next Steps

  • If no other ongoing operational activities were identified: continue to Step 6.

Last modified: July 17, 2024

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