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When using a third-party SQL client or development tool, you must first add a database user to log into a SingleStore Cloud database.

You can manage your SingleStore Cloud databases with DBeaver using the SingleStore JDBC driver.


Connect with SingleStore Cloud from DBeaver

To connect to your workspace from DBeaver,

  1. In DBeaver, select Database > Driver Manager.

  2. On the Driver Manager dialog, select MariaDB > Copy. The Create New Driver dialog opens.

  3. In the Create new driver dialog, on the Settings tab, enter the following details:

    • Driver Name: Enter SingleStore.

    • Driver Type: From the list, select MySQL.

    • Class Name: Specify the Class Name for the SingleStore JDBC driver: com.singlestore.jdbc.Driver.

    • URL Template: Enter the following template:


    • Default Port: The default is 3306.

  4. On the Libraries tab,

    1. Remove the existing MariaDB dependencies.

    2. Select Add file. Select the SingleStore JDBC driver .jar file downloaded earlier, and select Open.

      Alternatively, you can select Add Artifact, and then add the following dependency for the SingleStore JDBC driver under Dependency Declaration.


      Update the version in the dependency declaration with the latest version.

  5. Select OK. The SingleStore driver is now configured in DBeaver.

  6. In DBeaver, select New Database Connection > SingleStore.

  7. On the Connect to a database dialog, enter the connection settings for your SingleStore Cloud workspace. Select Test Connection to test your connection.

The connection is now configured, and you can connect to your SingleStore databases from DBeaver.

Last modified: August 16, 2023

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