Connect with DbVisualizer

You can manage your SingleStore database using DbVisualizer.


  • The SingleStore JDBC Driver (You may also install the SingleStore JDBC driver from DbVisualizer, select Tools > Driver Manager. Find the SingleStore driver from the list, and install it.)

Connect with DbVisualizer

You need to setup a Database Connection in DbVisualizer to access your SingleStore database.

  1. In DbVisualiser, select Database > Create Database Connection.

  2. From the Driver Name list, select SingleStore.

  3. In the SingleStore tab, enter the following details in the corresponding fields:

    • Database Server: the endpoint of the SingleStore workspace

    • Database Port: the port used by the SingleStore Helios workspace (default: 3306)

    • Database: the name of the SingleStore database

    • Database Userid: ID or name of the SingleStore user

    • Database Password: password for the SingleStore user

  4. Select the Connect button. You may also select Ping Server to verify the connectivity between DbVisualizer and SingleStore.

You can now explore your SingleStore databases using DbVisualizer.

Last modified: October 11, 2022

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