Procedural Extensions

SingleStore Helios Procedural Extensions (PSQL) are available beginning in MemSQL version 6.0. These extensions provide familiar mechanisms for SQL developers and database administrators to encapsulate custom programmatic logic, namely:

Within stored procedures, you can write flexible queries that use static parameterized SQL and dynamic SQL.

SingleStore also supports Wasm-based functions. Refer to Code Engine - Powered by Wasm for information on creating Wasm-based UDFs and TVFs. To create Wasm-based UDAFs, refer to CREATE AGGREGATE. If your logic and data structures can be implemented in PSQL with reasonable effort in a way that performs well, use PSQL. For integrating more complex logic and data structures, or using existing C/C++ or Rust code, SingleStore recommends using Wasm-based functions.

Extensions in SingleStore allow you to combine user-defined objects, such as UDFs or UDAFs, into a packaged archive and then create, manage, and deploy these objects and other resources using the CREATE EXTENSION command. Extensions support both PSQL and Wasm-based functions. Refer to Extensions for more information.

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Last modified: January 31, 2024

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