Procedural SQL Reference

This section contains information about SingleStore Procedural SQL (PSQL), which encompasses stored procedures, user-defined scalar-value functions (UDFs), user-defined table-valued functions (TVFs), and user-defined aggregate functions (UDAFs).

SingleStore also supports Wasm-based functions. Refer to Code Engine - Powered by Wasm for information on creating Wasm-based UDFs and TVFs. To create Wasm-based UDAFs, refer to CREATE AGGREGATE. If your logic and data structures can be implemented in PSQL with reasonable effort in a way that performs well, use PSQL. For integrating more complex logic and data structures, or using existing C/C++ or Rust code, SingleStore recommends using Wasm-based functions.

Extensions in SingleStore allow you to combine user-defined objects, such as UDFs or UDAFs, into a packaged archive and then create, manage, and deploy these objects and other resources using the CREATE EXTENSION command. Extensions support both PSQL and Wasm-based functions. Refer to Extensions for more information.

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Last modified: January 6, 2024

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