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With SingleStore Helios you can deploy a workspace in seconds and experience the performance, scalability, and multimodality of our database engine. Try the various features of SingleStore Helios by registering for a free trial:

You may also log into training and our forums using your SingleStore account.

Registering for a Free Trial

Visit to get started. You can create a SingleStore account using your email address, or via your Google or Microsoft login.

  • To sign up using your Google login, click the Sign up with Google button and follow the steps to sign into your Google account.

  • To sign up using your Microsoft login, click on the Sign up with Microsoft button and follow the steps to sign into your Microsoft account.

After signing up, you will have successfully created a SingleStore account, and will be able to deploy a SingleStore Helios trial in your cloud platform of choice.

Getting Started with Your Workspace

There are two options to try SingleStore Helios for free:

  1. Shared Edition (Public Preview) – based on a shared-compute resource for small and performant prototype apps. In the Shared Edition, you create a Starter Workspace that does not consume any credits. This option is not for use in Production applications.

  2. Standard Edition – based on a dedicated compute resource with, SLAs, larger resource limits, and more configurability and control. A Standard Workspace will consume credits – SingleStore initially provides trial users with some free credits to experience a Standard Workspace.

In the case of a POC, or if you need to upgrade to SingleStore Helios Premium Edition  contact us through the internal chat app in the Cloud Portal.

Auto-Suspension of Workspaces on Idle Trial Workspace Groups

If all workspaces in a trial workspace group have not had a query run against them for two days, the organization’s contact email will receive an email warning that the workspaces will be suspended if no further action is taken. If no further action is taken with 24 hours after the warning email, the workspaces in the workspace group will be suspended, and a second email will be sent notifying you about the change. To prevent the workspaces from being auto-suspended, run any query against any workspace in a group within 24 hours after the first warning email.

You can resume a suspended workspace via the Cloud Portal or the Management API.

Alternatively, spin up a Starter Workspace (Shared Edition) which does not have an auto-suspension policy based on query inactivity.

Last modified: March 27, 2024

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