Troubleshoot OpenSSL 3.0 Connections


As of SingleStore Helios 8.1, OpenSSL 3.0 is now used to establish secure connections to SingleStore Helios. As a consequence, a client certificate that uses SHA or MD5 hash functions in its signature must be replaced with a certificate that uses SHA256 at a minimum, or a secure connection to SingleStore Helios cannot be established.

Connect After Upgrading

As this file is always kept up to date, you may download the singlestore_bundle.pem certificate and use it to connect to SingleStore Helios 8.1.


The singlestore_bundle.pem file, which SQL clients can use to connect to SingleStore Helios, will be updated as of October 20, 2023.

If your SQL client uses the singlestore_bundle.pem file and the --ssl-mode=VERIFY_CA flag to connect, and your SQL client can no longer connect to SingleStore Helios, please download and use the latest singlestore_bundle.pem file.

Last modified: March 8, 2024

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