Manage Organization Users

Create an Organization User

A SingleStore account is automatically created for each user that registers on the Cloud Portal.

Add a User to an Organization

Existing admin users can invite other users to join their organization. When adding a user to an organization, that user must already be registered on the Cloud Portal.

A default organization is created for each user that self-registers on the Cloud Portal. However, a default organization is not created for a user that’s been invited to join an organization, but has not already self-registered on the Cloud Portal.

To add a new user, navigate to the organization name in the left nav (ORG:) > Members, click the Add User button, and follow the provided instructions.

If a user is invited to register by an organization’s admin user, they are added to the admin’s organization upon accepting the invitation.

Change an Organization User Password

Please contact SingleStore Support to change an organization user’s password.

Remove a User from an Organization

To remove a user from an organization, navigate to the Organization name in the left nav (ORG:) > Members, click the action menu () next to the user to remove, and click Remove.

Delete a SingleStore Account

Please contact SingleStore support to delete a SingleStore account.

Add a Contact Email for Notifications

In the Organization Settings options, enter the Organization Contact Email. This email is used for automated notifications such as scheduled updates.

SingleStore recommends that this is set as an internal distribution list of email contacts so that you can add and remove users as needed.

Last modified: March 8, 2024

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