SingleStore DB


Add a leaf node to the MemSQL cluster.


You can retrieve help for the command by typing <application> [command] --help in the command line.


This command must be run from the same host that the master aggregator is currently running on.

If --availability-group is specified, memsqlctl will verify via the master aggregator that high availability is enabled. It will then run the query ADD LEAF user:password@host:port [INTO GROUP {1|2}] on the master aggregator.

This command is interactive unless you use either --yes or --json flag to override interactive behavior.

The memsqlctl add-leaf command is equivalent to the sdb-admin add-leaf command.


The following is the standard output for the add-leaf command.

$ sudo memsqlctl add-leaf --host ""
memsqlctl will perform the following actions on the local master aggregator on port 3306:
  · Run `ADD LEAF root:****@ INTO GROUP 1`

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
✓ Added leaf to cluster