SingleStore DB


Delete one or all MemSQL nodes on the local machine.


You can retrieve help for the command by typing <application> [command] --help in the command line.


A node must be stopped before it can be deleted. Use the stop-node command to perform this action.

If --memsql-id, or --memsql-cnf, or --all is not specified, memsqlctl will prompt the user to select a node from a table list of nodes.

If --memsql-cnf is specified, memsqlctl will attempt to first delete the specifieddirectories in the config (datadir, plancachedir, tracelogsdir, etc.). Finally, memsqlctl will delete the memsql.cnf file itself and its record in the node metadata file, nodes.hcl.

This command is interactive unless you use either --yes or --json flag to override interactive behavior.

The memsqlctl delete-node command is equivalent to the sdb-admin delete-node command.


The following is the standard output for the delete-node command.

$ sudo memsqlctl delete-node
memsqlctl will perform the following actions:
  · Delete SingleStore node
    - Base directory and contents: /var/lib/memsql/61cbf018-4256-4c43-82a7-530220e5817b

Would you like to continue? [y/N]: y
✓ Deleted node defined by MemSQL config file /var/lib/memsql/61cbf018-4256-4c43-82a7-530220e5817b/memsql.cnf