Setup an Unlimited Database on an EC2 Cluster using IAM Role

The following steps should be used only if you are using a regular AWS EC2 based cluster.

  1. On the AWS EC2 console, find your instance. Right-click, go to Security then Modify IAM Role.

  2. Change the IAM role to AmazonS3FullAccess.

  3. Do this for each node in your cluster.

  4. Connect to the MA and execute:

    CREATE DATABASE <dbname>
    INTO S3 '<bucket_name>/<path_in_bucket>'
    CONFIG '{"region":<region>}'
  5. If it does not work, it should give you the IP of the problematic node, recheck that node to ensure the IAM role is set correctly.

  6. If you get an error about delete protection in your bucket, turn off delete protection in your bucket.

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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