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Print the path to the MEMSQL_HOME directory for a specified SingleStoreDB node. This command should be used when scripting against SingleStoreDB instead of a hard-coded path because SingleStoreDB’s path may change during upgrade or installation events.

In the typical case, the path of any SingleStoreDB home directory will be somewhere in /var/lib/memsql/<role-port-id>, for example: /var/lib/memsql/master-3306-MI5aded92f.


usage: memsql-ops memsql-path [--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE] [--no-prompt]
Get the directory where a given SingleStoreDB node is installed.
positional arguments:
memsql_id The ID of the SingleStoreDB node. If this is not specified
and there is exactly one SingleStoreDB node on this machine,
we will use that SingleStoreDB node automatically.
optional arguments:
--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE
A path to a MemSQL Ops settings.conf file. If not set,
we will use the file in the same directory as the
MemSQL Ops binary.
--no-prompt Skip interactive prompts if ID is not provided. This
should be used for non-interactive scripts and

Last modified: April 25, 2023

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