Apply Changes to a Cluster

When scaling, updating, or upgrading the cluster, edit the sdb-cluster.yaml file and run the following command.

kubectl apply -f sdb-cluster.yaml

This will cause the Operator to scale, update, or upgrade the cluster. After running this command, wait for the cluster to become stable.

Refer to the appropriate section of this reference to determine which fields in the sdb-cluster.yaml file to scale, update, or upgrade the cluster.

Some updates can be achieved by updating the Operator’s command-line arguments rather than updating the cluster directly. For example, backups can be updated either via the sdb-operator.yaml file (which will first update the Operator, and the Operator will then update the cluster) or via the sdb-cluster.yaml file (where the Operator will remain unchanged, but will still update the cluster).

To update the cluster via the Operator’s command-line arguments, edit spec.template.spec.containers[0].args in the sdb-operator.yaml  file and add, update, or delete the desired command-line arguments.

Run the following command to apply these changes.

kubectl apply -f sdb-operator.yaml

The Operator pod will be restarted. After the new Operator pod has been started, wait for the cluster to become stable.

Last modified: September 7, 2022

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