This view provides a detailed profile of all currently running tasks on all nodes of the cluster.

It holds a row per running task. Each row reports the profiling statistics of the task, as collected between the time it began and the current time.

mv_tasks may only be queried while connected to an aggregator node.

SingleStore recommends against extensive use of this view. It will hide the performance impact of short-lived but frequent tasks, and exaggerate the impact of long-lived tasks.

Column name



An ID equal to id in the row of mv_nodes describing the node on which the task is running.


The type of the task’s activity.


An ID shared by all instances of the task’s activity. This ID is often human-readable, but does not include the query text for query tasks.


The aggregator_activity_name of the task’s activity.


The name of the database associated with the task’s activity, or NULL if none could be assigned.


The unique ID of the database partition associated with the task’s activity, or NULL if none could be assigned.


The full name associated with the task, or NULL if none could be assigned. In particular, this will hold the raw query text for query tasks. It differs from query_text in mv_nodes because it is fully parameterized. Note that this column is only available in mv_tasks.


This view contains all extended statistics columns.

Last modified: January 25, 2024

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