Determining capacity and usage for your license

Use SHOW STATUS EXTENDED to view license unit capacity against current usage.

For unit-based licenses, output similar to the following is displayed.

| Variable_name            | Value   |
| License_capacity         | 4 units |
| Maximum_cluster_capacity | 4 units |
| Used_cluster_capacity    | 2 units |


  • License_capacity and Maximum_cluster_capacity reflect the total license unit capacity for the cluster

  • Used_cluster_capacity reflects the number of license units used against this capacity

In this example, two of the four available license units have been used. License units, which are calculated against a host's vCPUs and RAM, only apply to hosts that run leaf nodes.

To understand how license units are calculated, refer to What are license units and how do they apply to my cluster?

Last modified: June 12, 2024

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