Communication with LDAP Server

The LDAP tool’s communication with LDAP is equivalent to a single ldapsearch command call. For example,

ldapsearch -x -H ldap:// -b "dc=memsql,dc=ldap,dc=testing" -D "CN=Peter Pan,CN=Users,DC=memsql,DC=ldap,DC=testing" -w MemSQL-active-directory-2020 (&(objectClass=*))
-H maps to --uris
-b maps to --search-base
-D maps to --bind-user
-w maps to --bind-credentials
(&(objectClass=*)) maps to --query-filter

Secure LDAP Server Connections

The LDAP tool secures LDAP server connections using the StartTLS extension to the LDAP protocol. StartTLS encrypts communication by using the TLS protocol. StartTLS can be enabled using the --start-tls option of the sdb-admin sync-ldap command. If this option is used, the path to the TLS root certificate authority file can be specified by the --ca-paths option. If no value is specified for the --ca-paths option, the default root certificate(s) will be used.

Last modified: January 21, 2022

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