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Rebalances the partitions on all databases in the cluster.




  • This command runs REBALANCE PARTITIONS ... FULL on each database in the cluster, in alphabetical order of the database name. When REBALANCE PARTITIONS ... FULL runs on a database d, it first considers the placement of the partitions of the other databases in the cluster before rebalancing the partitions of d.

  • KILL prevents persistent long running write queries from blocking a clustering option for an arbitrarily long time (for example, a scale up or scale down or even an upgrade). Auto-rebalances automatically use the KILL mode if the auto-rebalance fails to run after three attempts.

  • To see the status of running this command, run SHOW REBALANCE ALL DATABASES STATUS. You can also run EXPLAIN REBALANCE ALL DATABASES to see the series of steps that the command REBALANCE ALL DATABASES would run, if you executed it.

Last modified: July 2, 2024

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