Endpoint URL


HTTP Method



Verifies that the HTTP service is running and connectable.

Note: To verify that the database can receive queries or check specific health metrics, use the /exec and /query endpoints.

Request Headers

The GET /ping request does not require any request headers.

Request Body

The GET /ping request does not require a request body.


Successful requests return pong as the response along with the HTTP status code 200 OK. On request failure, an HTTP status code corresponding to the error will be returned. See Data API Error Handling for more information.

Example (Shell)

To make the GET /ping request using cURL, run the cURL command followed by the target URL without any additional parameters. cURL automatically uses the GET HTTP method unless a different method is specified.

HTTP Request

curl https://localhost:8080/ping

HTTP Response


Last modified: May 5, 2023

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