Error Handling

This section lists errors that can occur when SingleStoreDB processes the logs and the snapshots. It also discusses how SingleStoreDB addresses the errors.

CRC32 Instruction not Supported

If your system hardware does not support the CRC32 instruction, you will receive the following error.

Warning: SSE4.2 is not supported. Resorting to software CRC32C. SingleStoreDB recovery and log writing performance will be negatively impacted.

This error will be commonly seen on older processors and some virtualized environments. In this instance, SingleStoreDB will use a software implementation of CRC32; however, this will slow down reading and writing log files. We recommend that production deployments of SingleStoreDB run on environments that support this instruction.

Data Corruption Found During Replay

During replay, if SingleStoreDB encounters corrupted logs or snapshots, it puts the database in the unrecoverablestate. Such a database will usually auto-heal if in High availability, Redundancy-2 mode and the corrupted logs or snapshots are on the replica partitions. During auto-healing, the primary host takes a snapshot and sends it to the replica. When auto-healing is complete, the secondary database will resume its operation in the replicating state.

Last modified: June 22, 2022

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