Setting the Redundancy Level

To use availability groups in a cluster, you need to set the redundancy level, which specifies the maximum number (1 or 2) of availability groups.

Setting the Engine Variable

Use the SET GLOBAL command to change redundancy_level engine variable on the master aggregator at run time:

SET @@GLOBAL.redundancy_level = {1 | 2};

You can inspect the current value with the SELECT GLOBAL command:

SELECT @@GLOBAL.redundancy_level;

Adding and Removing Leaves

Use ADD LEAF and REMOVE LEAF to add leaves to, and remove leaves from, a SingleStore cluster.

Adding and Removing Child Aggregators

Use ADD AGGREGATOR and REMOVE AGGREGATOR to add and remove child aggregators from a SingleStore cluster.


These commands must be run against the Master Aggregator.

Last modified: April 3, 2023

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