SingleStoreDB Cloud provides native monitoring, as well as third-party integrations, which allow users to quickly and easily understand their application workloads and debug performance-related issues. Monitoring leverages the system information and statistics generated locally within SingleStoreDB Cloud, and retains and visualizes them using a dedicated and highly-available cloud monitoring infrastructure.

While the monitoring dashboards provide all the necessary information to manage and maintain a SingleStoreDB Cloud deployment, many users may wish to integrate with third-party monitoring services used elsewhere within their organization. This can be done either by directly accessing relevant metrics in the Information Schema, or through native integrations with common monitoring providers.

Use Monitoring

SingleStore’s cloud monitoring solution provides all the necessary information to visualize and debug active and historical workloads running on SingleStoreDB Cloud. The following table lists the provided dashboards and their associated functionality and describes how each can be used to optimize or troubleshoot user workloads.



Identify Trends

Workload Monitoring

Statistics for parameterized query execution including run count, time spent, and resource utilization.

View query execution count, time, and performance to optimize query plans and understand the most executed query shapes.

Active Queries

Process execution information for each running query.

View the queries that were running at any point in time to debug query execution and improve overall application performance.

Detailed Deployment View

Utilization metrics for the SingleStoreDB Cloud deployment including vCPU, memory, and storage.

View overall resource utilization and throttling to help with capacity planning and make decisions about when to scale up or down.