One of the core responsibilities of a database administrator is to monitor the performance of a database, and as necessary, take preventative or reactive steps to maintain its health. Complex workloads on a workspaceed database can make it especially difficult to prevent or fix problems when they arise. Third-party and native operating system tooling can help to diagnose issues, but some metrics are only available within the database itself.

To help alleviate these difficulties, SingleStoreDB Cloud gathers statistics about the entire workspace, including all queries across all nodes, and exposes them in logical tables (views). These views contain data that can be used to help answer common questions, such as:

  • Which queries are using the highest proportion of system resources?

  • Is a query running, or is it waiting for available resources?

  • Which system resources are causing bottlenecks?

Using these views in conjunction with built-in commands such as PROFILE, an administrator can better diagnose the root cause of pathological query performance, and determine which workload or resource improvements are necessary.