Each management view – and the type of data stored in it – is intended for performance analysis methodologies which seek to accomplish the following goals:

  • Finding high-latency queries

  • Finding the bottlenecks causing high-latency queries

  • Gathering statistics about all aspects of workspace performance to find issues beyond query execution

Management views make it easier to achieve these goals by exposing the appropriate performance counters to measure each relevant attribute of the database, namely:

  • Node-level statistics, including what queries are running on both aggregators and leaves, or which background tasks are consuming resources

  • Database-level and partition-level statistics, including the specific database partition(s) associated with a query

  • Query-level statistics, including latency, throughput, saturation, and error metrics

Together, these statistics provide insight into both high-level and low-level activities on the workspace. To learn more about the concepts and data exposed in each management view, see the Management Tables topic.