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Connecting to Your Application Development Tools

Since you’ve already built your application on top of a different database, we won’t go too deep into how to pick a development framework. However, we do have a lot of experience here and can share our thoughts with you. Based on that experience, we’ve created tutorials on how to connect to SingleStore using a variety of different frameworks, which you can find in the list below.

The examples below show how to leverage both SingleStore Managed Service and SingleStore DB (our self-managed product). You can skip to the part of each that details how to make the connection and then get started. Again, you’ll be using your client endpoint here provided in Portal, along with the credentials you used when spinning up your cluster.

Python SQL:

Stored procedures:

JavaScript / Node SQL:

Stored Procedures:



Stored procedures:

Java SQL:

Stored procedures:


Stored procedures:

Ruby SQL:

Stored procedures: