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Building a New Application

Welcome to SingleStore Managed Service! We put together a guide to help you build a new application using SingleStore. Use this guide to follow a top-down approach to:

  • Preparing your data for SingleStore
  • Interacting with SingleStore
  • Designing your SingleStore tables to be optimized for your applications
  • Importing data from your originating database
  • Optimizing your queries for your applications
  • Connecting your application to SingleStore

Tutorial Outline

This tutorial is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started

  • Benefits of leveraging S2MS for your application
  • Why SingleStore is a developer’s first choice for applications
  • What kinds of apps are developers building?

Preparing Your Data for SingleStore

SingleStore Database Administration

  • SingleStore Portal
  • Drivers
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL Command Line

Designing Your Tables

  • Data types
  • Designing a schema for an application
    • Sharding for application workloads
    • Sort keys for application workloads
    • Reference Tables

Ingesting Data

  • Using SingleStore Pipelines
  • Using INSERT Statements

Testing Your Queries

  • Run queries
  • Visual Explain
  • Concurrency test your queries

Connecting to Your Application Development Tools

  • Code samples to connect to SingleStore