Connect with MySQL Workbench


When using a third-party SQL client or development tool, you must first add a database user to log into a SingleStore Helios database.

To connect to SingleStore Helios from MySQL Workbench:

  1. Open MySQL Workbench and create a new MySQL connection.

  2. In the Setup New Connection dialog, enter the following details:

    • Connection Name: A name for your connection, for example SingleStoreDB.

    • Hostname: The IP address or hostname of your SingleStore Helios workspace.

    • Username: The SingleStore database username. Enter admin.

    • Password: The password for the SingleStore database user.


      For proper authentication, you may need to specify defaultAuth=mysql_native_password in the Others field under the Advanced tab.

    • Port: Default is 3306.

  3. Select Test Connection to test the connection. Select OK to save the connection.

Last modified: November 30, 2023

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