Operations Errors

ERROR 2625: Operation 'BACKUP DATABASE' can't be executed on internal database('') utilized by SingleStore.


This error occurs when you attempt to backup the cluster or memsql databases.


These databases are internal system databases, and as such, they cannot and do not need to be backed up.

ERROR: Partition’s table metadata are out of sync for table


The most common cause for this error is an ALTER TABLE query on a sharded table which ran partially but didn’t complete successfully. This may leave table metadata in an inconsistent state where some partitions have the old metadata while some have the new.


If the cause of the issue was a failed ALTER TABLE as described above, possible solutions are:

  • Recreate the table. This can be done by insert-selecting the data into a newly created table or reloading the data. For example: sql CREATE TABLE t_copy AS SELECT * FROM t; DROP TABLE t; ALTER TABLE t_copy RENAME AS t;

  • Find the partition(s) with inconsistent table metadata, and manually run ALTER on the leaf partitions to correct them.

Last modified: August 28, 2023

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