Data Ingestion

SingleStore can load data continuously or in bulk from a variety of sources. Popular loading sources include: files, a Kafka cluster, cloud repositories like Amazon S3, HDFS, or from other databases. As a distributed system, SingleStore ingests data streams using parallel loading to maximize throughput.

SingleStore Pipelines is an easy-to-use built-in capability that extracts, transforms, and loads external data using sources such as Kafka, S3, Azure Blob, and filesystems. It is ideal for scenarios where data from a supported source must be ingested and processed in real-time. This makes SingleStore Pipelines a good alternative to third-party middleware for basic ETL operations that must be executed as fast as possible, thus eliminating traditional long-running processes such as overnight batch jobs.

For bulk data load operations, SingleStore offers a LOAD DATA function that imports files in parallel to maximize performance.

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Last modified: November 22, 2022

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