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Denodo is a data virtualization platform that allows you to integrate your SingleStore data in real-time into a unified view and perform analytics and BI operations. To connect with Denodo, you need to configure the SingleStore JDBC driver as a database adapter in Denodo. Subsequently, add your SingleStore database as a JDBC data source using this adapter.


Download the .jar file for the latest version of the SingleStore JDBC driver.

Connect Denodo to SingleStore

Configure the SingleStore JDBC driver as a database adapter in Denodo:

  1. On the Denodo dashboard, select File > Extensions management.

  2. On the Extension management dialog, on the Libraries tab, from the Type list, select JDBC Drivers.

  3. On the Import resources dialog, from the Resource type list, select jdbc_other.

  4. In the Custom version field, enter a name for the driver. For convenience, you can use the singlestore-jdbc-client-<version> format. For example, singlestore-jdbc-client-1.1.5. This name is visible in the dialog where you can configure JDBC data sources.

  5. Select + Add. Add the .jar file downloaded earlier to the Load File dialog.

  6. Select Save. The SingleStore JDBC driver is now configured as an adapter in Denodo.

Add your SingleStore database as a JDBC data source:

  1. Right-click on a database in the Server Explorer, and select New > Data Source > JDBC.

  2. On the Configuration tab on the dialog that opens, enter or select the configuration options for your SingleStore database and JDBC adapter.

    • Name: Name for the new data source. For example, SingleStore.

    • Database adapter: Select the name you provided for the driver. For example, singlestore-jdbc-client-1.1.5.

    • Database class: com.singlestore.jdbc.Driver.

    • Database URI: Specify the connection string for your database in the jdbc:singlestore://<host>:<port>/<database> format. For example, jdbc:singlestore://svchost:3306/dbTest.

    • Authentication: Specify the authentication method for your connection.

  3. Select Test connection to test connectivity to your database. Select Save.

You can now use Denodo to explore your SingleStore databases.


Last modified: April 12, 2023

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