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SingleStoreDB Cloud Scheduled Updates


SingleStoreDB Cloud deployments perform weekly online updates, and these updates can last for up to two (2) hours. The scheduled update time is shown per deployment in the Updates tab of the cloud portal.

About Scheduled Updates

Email reminders for each upcoming scheduled update are sent to the Organization Contact Email configured in organization settings on the Customer Portal that have an active SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace group.

These scheduled updates allow improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations to be made to your workspaces. These updates may trigger a rolling online restart of your workspace. While SingleStoreDB Cloud workspaces are highly available, and restarting services should not typically affect your workload, you may experience 2 - 5 minutes where DDL is unavailable during the update.

Disruptions which may be experienced during the update window include:

  • Pipeline batches will fail and retry.

  • Databases will show impacted warnings as there is a loss of HA during part of the update.

  • Nodes will detach and attach as they are updated. Since this happens to an entire AG at a time, a workspace is reduced to half of its capacity for a period of time during the update.


You can modify at any time who receives the email reminders about the scheduled updates by editing the Organization Contact Email in the Settings for your organization in the portal. Refer Add a Contact Email for Notifications

Updating Your SingleStoreDB Cloud Workspace

Bug fixes are automatically and transparently applied to all workspaces during each scheduled update.

However, all fixes may not get applied to all customers' workspaces simultaneously in a single maintenance window but get rolled out progressively over time. This is because there are various tasks that may be performed during the maintenance window, such as:

  • Kubernetes operator upgrade

  • SingleStoreDB engine upgrade

  • Infrastructure updates

  • Resource re-allocations

SingleStoreDB engine upgrade cadence varies based on other changes which need to be rolled out such as infrastructure updates or changes to the operator version.

You can modify the time at which the weekly updates run in the cloud portal by selecting a workspace group and navigating to the Update menu, or by using the Management API.

To receive the latest major feature updates, you may file a Support ticket to have your SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace group updated to the most recent version.

The version of SingleStoreDB Cloud that your workspace is running can be found under SingleStoreDB Cloud Version on your workspace’s dashboard.