Connect out from SingleStore Helios Workspaces to Private Networks/Services via Azure Private Link

For outbound connections, create a private link service and send the alias to SingleStore.

To create outbound connections from SingleStore Helios to private services (like Kafka) via Azure Private Link, for tasks like ingesting data through pipelines, perform the following tasks:

  1. Request the subscription ID from SingleStore.

  2. Create a private link service.

  3. Send the alias to SingleStore.

Request the Subscription ID from SingleStore

Contact SingleStore Support and request the subscription ID from SingleStore. You'll need to whitelist this subscription ID while creating your private link service (as explained below).

  1. On the Azure portal, select Create a resource > Private Link > Create > Create private link service.

  2. On the Basics tab, enter or select the following information:

    • Subscription: Your Azure subscription.

    • Resource group: The resource group corresponding to your Azure subscription. It should have the same name as your Azure subscription name.

    • Name: Name of your private endpoint service.

    • Region: Select a region in which you want to create the private link service.


      Your workspace and private link service must be in the same region.

  3. On the Outbound settings tab, select or enter the following information:

    • Load balancer

    • Load balancer frontend IP address

    • Source NAT subnet

    • Use defaults for other configuration settings

  4. On the Access security tab, whitelist the subscription ID received from SingleStore.

  5. On the Review + create tab, verify the configuration setting, and select Create.

    Your private link service is created, and you are redirected to a new page.

  6. Select Go to resource group, and then select your private link service.

  7. Copy the alias.

Send the Alias to SingleStore

Contact SingleStore Support and send the alias of your private endpoint service. Provide the following information in the support ticket:

  • Workspace ID. SingleStore can only process the connection request when your workspace is in the Active state.

  • Region details

  • The alias of your private endpoint service

  • In the support ticket, specify that the request is for outbound connection


Last modified: February 3, 2023

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