Connect to SingleStore Helios Workspaces from Private Networks/Services via Azure Private Link

For inbound connections, you need to provide your workspace ID and Azure subscription details so that SingleStore can accept the connection request.

To set up inbound connections to SingleStore Helios using private networks/services via Azure Private Link, perform the following tasks:

  1. Request an alias from SingleStore.

  2. Create a private endpoint.

Request an Alias from SingleStore

Contact SingleStore Support, and provide the following information:

  • Workspace ID and name. SingleStore can only process the connection request when your workspace is in the Active state.

  • Your Azure subscription ID and name

  • Region details

  • In the support ticket, specify that the request is for an inbound connection

SingleStore will provide an alias. Use this alias to create a private endpoint (as explained below).

Create a Private Endpoint


You need to create separate private endpoints for both DML and DDL endpoints of your workspace.

Your workspace and private endpoint must be in the same region.

  1. On the Azure portal, select Create a resource > Networking > Private Link > Create.

  2. Under Private Link Center, select Private endpoints > Add.

  3. Under Create a private endpoint, on the Basics tab, enter or select the following information:

    • Subscription: Your Azure subscription.

    • Resource group: The resource group corresponding to your Azure subscription. It should have the same name as your Azure subscription name. Select Create new to create a new resource group.

    • Name: Name of your private endpoint service.

    • Region: Select a region in which you want to create the private link service.

  4. On the Resource tab, under Connection method, select Connect to an Azure resource by resource ID or alias.

  5. Under Resource ID or alias, enter the alias received from SingleStore support.

  6. On the Configuration (or Virtual Network) tab, select the Virtual Network and Subnet where the private endpoint is created.

  7. On the Review + create tab, review the private endpoint configuration, and select Create.

The private endpoint is ready to use.


SingleStore Helios does not support Certificate Authority (CA) verification for inbound connections. For information on connecting to SingleStore Helios using SSL, refer to Connect to SingleStore Helios using TLS/SSL.


Last modified: August 30, 2023

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