About SingleStore Helios

SingleStore Helios is a distributed, relational database with optimized speed and scalability to support data-intensive and real-time applications.

Key Features of SingleStore Helios

Speed and Scalability

  • Maximum Performance: An optimized query engine and modern architecture allow SingleStore to process complex transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads at record speeds.

  • High Scalability: Infinite elasticity enables you to easily scale your applications, while offering separation of storage and compute.

Fully Multi-cloud Database

  • As a fully multi-cloud database, SingleStore gives you complete control over where you deploy and run your environment thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.

Simplicity and Connectability

  • SQL: SingleStore features familiar SQL tooling and is MySQL wire protocol compatible, thereby eliminating the need for specialized databases and simplifies your application architecture.

  • Connectors: SingleStore includes connectors for common languages, frameworks, and tools.

  • Multi-Model: SingleStore supports multiple data types including JSON, time-series, geospatial and full-text search.

  • API-Driven: Designed for developers, SingleStore features API-driven workflows and direct integrations to support serverless application development.

Enterprise Security Protocols

  • Secure-by-Design: Backed by reliable end-to-end encryption, SingleStore empowers users to select a secure method of authentication and authorization best suited for your enterprise. 

  • Enterprise Compliance: SingleStore has industry-leading security certifications including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC Type 2, and Privacy Shield. It is also fully compliant with CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements.

  • Secure Integration: SingleStore allows secure, permitted authorization from web, mobile and desktop applications through security tools like Okta, Ping, and Azure AD (AAD).

How SingleStore Helios Works

Additional Information

Quickstart: Loading Data and Running Queries - walks you through using the Cloud Portal to create a database, load sample data quickly, and then run some queries against that data.

Designing for Multi-tenant Applications - explains the various models and trade-offs available for a multi-tenancy SaaS application.

Visit https://www.singlestore.com/cloud/ for more information about SingleStore Helios.

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Last modified: July 4, 2023

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