SingleStore Helios Editions

SingleStore provides several editions of SingleStore Helios to meet the unique needs of a variety of customer workloads. A summary of each edition’s features is outlined in the following table.






A free entry point to get started with SingleStore Helios 

Core functionality for data-intensive applications

For mission-critical workloads


AWS only

AWS, Azure, GCP

AWS, Azure, GCP

Database Engine

Modern Relational Database

Handles fully relational application workloads for high speed and concurrency.

Universal Storage

Supports hybrid table types for both transactional and analytical workloads. Unifies rowstores and columnstores in one table type.

Ultra-low Latency Query Response

Code generation, vectorization, SIMD, flexible parallelism

AI vector matching functions

DOT_PRODUCT and EUCLIDEAN_DISTANCE functions for matching images or other objects, based on deep neural network vector embeddings.

Multi-Model Capabilities

Relational (SQL)

ANSI SQL, MySQL wire protocol compatibility


JSON processing and fast analytics on JSON


Time-series functions

Full-Text Search

Full-text search is based on active, open-source Lucene

Vector Database

Vector database with vector indexes for fast KNN and ANN searches


SQL functions to support Geospatial queries

Ingest & Data Movement

Streaming data pipelines

Build sophisticated data import operations, eliminating the cost and complexity of ETL tooling

Up to 10 Pipelines



Data integration

ETL, CDC/ replication tools like dbt, AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, Arcion etc.

CDC In from MySQL

Native data integration or Real-Time CDC in from MySQL without the need for other data integration tools

CDC in from MongoDB

Native data integration or Real-Time CDC in from MongoDB without the need for other data integration tools


CDC out from SingleStore to other data warehouses, data lakehouse, downstream systems

Developer Tools and Connectors

ODBC, JDBC, HTTP drivers

Native drivers for ODBC, JDBC and HTTP connections (data API)

Support for ODBC and JDBC drivers

Code Engine -Powered by Wasm

Extends SQL with functions written in C/C++/Rust and more. Runs in-database in a safe sandbox

Limited to 10 UDFs

Connectors for analytics and BI tools

Power BI, Cognos, Tableau, etc.

SingleStore Kai™

API for connecting to MongoDB® applications for real-time JSON analytics


SQL and Python notebook for development, sharing results and collaboration among users

SingleStore Job Service - Maximum execution time

For scheduling notebooks

15 mins

120 mins

120 mins

Database Branching (private preview)

Creates private, independent copies of your database for testing, development, data recovery, etc.

Availability and Disaster Recovery

High Availability

Data replication across nodes to ensure that it remains available in case a node is lost.

Multi-AZ Failover

High availability across two availability zones

Online Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

Allows data restoration to an exact point of time upto the microsecond in the past. Has fully adjustable retention periods. Requires unlimited storage.

Smart DR (private preview)

Creates and manages a continuous asynchronous replication of data between a primary and a geographically separate secondary region

Clustering and Manageability

Management API (REST)

Deploys and manages workspaces through our flexible REST API

Read Replicas (Workspaces)

Compute workspaces that can attach databases to multiple workloads concurrently, enabling a dynamic mesh of read-replicas across multiple shared datasets.

Resource Governance

User-configurable control of resources, for isolation of subsets of workloads in different resource pools

Unlimited Storage Engine

Separates compute capabilities and storage of persisting data in cloud object storage for enhanced durability and resiliency.

Limited to 1GB in Cloud Object Storage

Transparent Updates

Deployments are continuously kept up-to-date to reduce operational costs.


Real-time and historical monitoring of application workloads for debugging performance-related issues.


Working alongside historical monitoring, the alerting feature actively notifies you about the changing state of a workspace.

Query History

Identifies slow performing or failed queries in real time, without any impact on the overall performance

Security and Networking

Authenticate via JWT

JSON web token

Engine RBAC

Role-Based Access Control

Data encryption (AES_ENCRYPT)

AES_ENCRYPT/DECRYPT functions supporting 256-bit keys and EBC, GCM and CBC modes with initialization vectors

Encryption of data in transit (SSL/TLS)

Support for SSL/TLS (1.2) for all connection to ensure security of data while in transit

Encryption of data at rest (AES-256)

Support for encryption of data on persistent storage

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Okta, Ping, Azure AD

Federated authentication — SAML

Support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), an open standard for federated authentication

Federated authentication — OAuth

Support for OAuth, an open standard for federated authentication

Private network connections

Ability to secure the connectivity between customer and database using the private communication channel

Certifications and Compliance

Data protection regulations and standards




HIPAA Compliant

Adherence to the regulations outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


Customer-Managed Encryption Keys

Audit logging

Logging of all database activities to an external location.

Third-party tool audit logging

Ability to use third-party tools of choice to write audit log details












Refer to SingleStore Helios Pricing for details


To purchase a different edition or upgrade/downgrade your current SingleStore Helios edition, please contact your sales representative.

Last modified: June 6, 2024

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