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Pipeline Basics

When I go to the Data Collector UI, I get a Webpage not available error message.

The Data Collector is not running. Start the Data Collector.

Why isn’t the Start icon enabled?

You can start a pipeline when it is valid. Use the Issues icon to review the list of issues in your pipeline. When you resolve the issues, the Start icon becomes enabled.

The data reaching the destination is not what I expect - what do I do?

If the pipeline is still running, take a couple snapshots of the data being processed, then stop the pipeline and enter data preview and use the snapshot as the source data. In data preview, you can step through the pipeline and see how each stage alters the data.

If you already stopped the pipeline, perform data preview using the origin data. You can step through the pipeline to review how each stage processes the data and update the pipeline configuration as necessary.

You can also edit the data to test for cases that do not occur in the preview data set.

Data Preview

Why isn’t the Preview icon enabled?

You can preview data after you connect all stages in the pipeline and configure required properties. You can use any valid value as a placeholder for required properties.

Why doesn’t the data preview show any data?

If data preview doesn’t show any data, one of the following issues might have occurred:

  • The origin might not be configured correctly.

  • The origin might not have any data at the moment.

Last modified: April 24, 2021

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