This view is primarily for internal use, SingleStore recommends using MV_COLLECTED_ROW_CHANGE_COUNTS instead.

This view returns a row for each partition of each table with autostats (automatic statistics) hosted in the cluster, along with a change count.

These statistics are in-memory and show the number of row changes (inserts, updates, and deletes) that have been applied to the table partition since it became online on the host. In-memory statistics do not persist across restarts.

The write behavior to the view is controlled via the following engine variables: change_count_write_interval and background_statistics_collection_interval

Column name



The name of the table in the database.


The name of the database associated with the activity.


The table partition in the database.


The count of changes (inserts, updates, and deletes) for a table partition.


The token associated with the table partition.

An example query related to this view:

SELECT table_name, database_name, SUM(changed) FROM MV_ROW_CHANGE_COUNTS GROUP BY ALL;
| table_name | database_name | sum(changed) |
| t          | db1           |            3 |
| t2         | db1           |            0 |

Last modified: March 8, 2024

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