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Workspace Scaling


Compute workspaces can be scaled up or down to accommodate changing workloads. The size of a workspace for example, S-32, determines the overall number of compute resources (vCPU cores and memory) available for a workload.

SingleStoreDB is a distributed SQL database, so scaling operations can be performed online by adding or removing resources without impacting the overall deployment. Hence the connectivity to a workspace is not affected during the scaling operation.

How Scaling Works

When a user triggers a scale up or scale down operation SingleStoreDB automatically determines the number of compute resources required and adjusts the size of the workspace on the fly.

When scaling up, SingleStoreDB adds compute resources to the existing workspace, increasing the performance and capacity of the compute deployment.

When scaling down, SingleStoreDB removes a portion of the resources available for the workspace, without impacting the availability of the workspace itself.

Scaling - Portal UI

Scaling up or down can be triggered through the UI or Management API. When scaling a workspace through the UI a user can simply select a workspace, open the workspace options menu (), and select Resize Workspace.

This will open a menu where the user can choose a target workspace size.

Scaling - Management API

Scaling up or down through the management API can be done by using WorkspaceUpdate size. An overview of the management API can be found here: Overview.

Scaling Impact on Performance

Scaling operations trigger the online addition or removal of compute resources, as well as a redistribution of data to ensure even performance across the compute workspace. When the scale operation is running there may be a temporary reduction in performance due to resources being dynamically added or removed.

For large deployments with heavy active workloads the time required to complete the scaling operation may increase as a larger volume of active data needs to be redistributed within the workspace. The resize operation and data rebalancing will continue in the background while the workload is running, so no extra steps need to be taken to ensure the job completes.


Workspaces consume compute credits while they are running. When a workspace is scaled up or down the number of credits consumed will change depending on the size of the workspace. This is reflected in the Resize Workspace > Review Changes menu. Both the current credit consumption and the new consumption for the target workspace size will be shown.

Workspace scaling does not affect the storage costs, as storage is charged based on the average number of monthly GB stored, which does not change when workspaces are scaled up or down.