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Load Data from Informatica PowerCenter

You can connect to your SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace from Informatica PowerCenter to perform analytics and ETL operations using The SingleStore ODBC Driver.


  • An active SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace

  • An Informatica PowerCenter license

Connect to SingleStoreDB Cloud from PowerCenter

Perform the following tasks to connect to your SingleStoreDB Cloud database from PowerCenter:

  1. Download and install Informatica PowerCenter. Refer to Informatica Documentation for more information.

  2. Download and install the SingleStore ODBC driver. SingleStore recommends using the ANSI version of the driver.

    1. Place the and files in the <Informatica-installation-directory>/<PowerCenter-version>/ODBC7.1/lib directory.

    2. Update the path to the and files in the odbc.ini file used by Informatica PowerCenter.

  3. Configure SingleStoreDB Cloud as an ODBC data source in Informatica PowerCenter. Refer to the Connecting to an ODBC Data Source for more information.