Import and Backup

How can I backup a SingleStore Helios database?

SingleStore Helios supports consistent, online, workspace-wide BACKUP and RESTORE operations that do not require blocking write operations on the database like mysqldump does. See Back Up and Restore Data for more information.

How can I import data from MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL etc?

Refer to Load Data for more information.

How can I easily copy a table?

You can use CREATE TABLE dest AS SELECT * FROM source. See CREATE TABLE.

Or, create a new empty table using the schema of the original table from SHOW CREATE TABLE source and copy data from source table into the new table using INSERT INTO dest SELECT * FROM source.

How can I easily copy a database?

Available options include:

  • BACKUP the database and RESTORE it on the same (or a different) workspace under a different name.

Where are the important data files (recovery log, binary logs, snapshots, data files etc)?

Run SHOW STATUS EXTENDED LIKE '%_directory' to get the full paths.

How do I load data into SingleStore Helios?

The easiest way to get data into SingleStore Helios is by uploading your dataset to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage and using SingleStore Pipelines to ingest your data quickly. Get started now.

How are backups managed?

SingleStore performs daily backups on all data.

You may also manually back up your data. Refer to Back Up and Restore Data for more information.

Last modified: January 10, 2023

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