Maintenance Release Changelog

2022-05-09 Version 7.8.3

  • Updated the HTTP API functionality to v2. We recommend upgrading to v2 for faster performance. Please note, v1 will continue to be supported but may be removed in a future release. See HTTP API for more information.

  • Fixed an issue with rare crashes caused when backing up an unlimited storage database against Azure blob storage.

  • Fixed an edge case issue where materialized common table expressions can cause a query to generate an error.

  • Added a CHECK BOTTOMLESS CHECKSUM command that checks the checksum of the blob files stored in the blob store instead of on the local disk. See CHECK BLOB/BOTTOMLESS CHECKSUM for more information.

  • Fixed an issue with the accuracy of memory and disk space availability confirmed in the REPLICATE DATABASE command. This fix will ensure any secondary cluster has enough memory and disk space to replicate the database.

  • Fixed a server crash caused by table-valued functions parameters that assume the parameter name is the same as the alias of the table-valued function operator.

  • Fixed an issue with syntax errors being generated when query forwarding multi-statement batches to the Master Aggregator.

  • Added support for restoring a backup in an unlimited storage database that contains a larger amount of data than the local disk space available on the cluster.

  • Added an engine variable columnstore_validate_blob_before_merge. If enabled, the background merger would validate the blob checksums before merging blobs.

2022-04-18 Version 7.8.2

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect results generated when filtering on the database column of the information_schema.MV_COLUMNSTORE_MERGE_STATUS table.

  • Ended the compression of HTTP API results to reduce memory usage and improve performance in most cases.

  • Adjusted the maximum memory allocation function to proactively run even when the total_server_memory usage is well below the maximum_memory allocation.

  • Added per privilege transferability from one user to another via the new TRANSFERABLE clause and SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN grant in the REVOKE security management command.  A new engine variable, privilege_transfer_mode, must be set to per_privilege for this functionality to work as expected.  Also, this new functionality will affect the results of the SHOW GRANTS command. If the privilege_transfer_mode engine variable remains on the default value of grant_option, then the output is one row and can include the WITH GRANT OPTION privilege. If the value of privilege_transfer_mode is per_privilege, then the output can be two rows. The first row will display the non-transferable privileges. The second row will display the transferable privileges.

  • Added support for CHECK BLOB CHECKSUM on unlimited storage databases. The command only checks the checksums of blobs on local disks.

  • Fixed an issue with error generation for aggregator result tables used in a parallel read. DROP RESULT TABLE now returns the correct error.

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect error was generated for an aggregator result table when it was used by a parallel read. DROP RESULT TABLE now returns the correct error.

  • Improved heuristic estimates for queries with complex join predicates.

  • Release 6.8 and earlier backups can no longer be restored in release 7.8.