SingleStoreDB Cloud Release Notes

June 2022

Code Engine - Powered by Wasm

The Code Engine feature allows you to create UDFs using code compiled to WebAssembly (Wasm). This feature supports any language that can compile to the Wasm core specification.

For more information, see Code Engine - Powered by Wasm .


The Workspace feature allows you to spin up compute resources and size them up or down on-demand independent of storage.

Workspaces also provide greater flexibility than clusters by allowing databases to be shared across multiple workspaces thereby eliminating the need of maintaining data across multiple workloads.

See What is a Workspace for more information.

The SingleStore Management API now supports Workspaces. For more information see, Management API Reference.

OUTBOUND privilege

The OUTBOUND privilege can be used to mitigate security risks. The privilege can be assigned to users who are allowed to create outbound internet connectivity.

For more information, see GRANT.